Peter Schön Avalanche Consulting & Training
Narvik, Norway
Org. nr.: NO 914 328 527
Phone: (+47)-902-17780

I am the founder of Frostisen Ski Guides (previously Peter Schön Avalanche Consulting & Training). The company is based in Narvik, Norway, and I run guided skitouring trips primarily in Northern Norway and Georgia (Caucasus). The name “Frostisen” comes from a quite elusive peak (1724m) near Narvik - but one of the best ski peaks in the country. "Guides" - well, there is a lot of cooperation with other guides, and each successful trip is always a cooperation of several folks working together.
I grew up in Austria, and now split my time between Norway and Georgia (Caucasus). I am certified as ski guide by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and also hold Canadian Avalanche Association Level 3 certification. 

In the past I have been a professional/sponsored ski-alpinist, with several first ski descents on 5000-6000m summits in the Caucasus, Andes, Tien Shan and Pamirs. Among them are the first ski descents of Shkhara (5193m, highest peak of Georgia), Mkinvartveri/Kazbek (5047m, Caucasus) SE + NE face, Chatyn-Tau W (4310m, Caucasus) SE couloir (1800m, 45-60°) or the first ski descent of Pik Pobeda East Summit (6762m, Tien Shan). I also laid tracks on several steep lines in Northern Norway.  

Nowadays I prefer to guide people into gentler, but nevertheless stunning mountain areas, and I enjoy to see and rediscover the beauty of the mountains with my guests. Above all...I love skiing. 

I am also also a passionate photographer - feel free to have a look at my portfolio and photo stories at >>PS-Photo