Mkinvartsveri/Kazbek (5054 m)  

Georgia, Caucasus 

Between 2006 and 2013 I opened several new skitouring lines in the area of Mkinvartsveri (aka "Kazbek", 5054 m) in the Georgian Caucasus. I am a part-time resident of Georgia, and have guided guests to to the summit several times. In 2018 finally, a modern mountain hut opened that offers a suited base for skiing and climing some of these lines in a guided program - the >>AltiHut. Based a 3014 m, it offers a clean, environmentally-friendly and sustainable way to spend the night and rest. 
This guided tour aims at skiing on Mkinvartsveri (5054 m) and Maili-Khok (4600 m), skiing along what is sometimes also called the “Road of Dreams”. We chose a late period in the season, to have more stable weather and the snow stability required for routes away from the standard routes. I have had the most successful ski tours in the area during this time period.
This is an exlusive trip for strong, experienced ski tourers, with a maximum of 3 guests. 

The Program:
  • Day 1 (May 25): Meet in Stepantsminda, check gear, rest, eat local food. Stay in a local, simple but clean guest house.
  • Day 2: Hike up to Altihut (2200m - 3104m). Horses will help to carry luggage. We may have to carry skis a bit.
  • Day 3: Skitour around the hut to acclimatize
  • Day 4: Ascent to a high camp at 4000m and some skiing around camp. Stay in tents.
  • Day 5: Ski ascent of Maili-Khok (4600m), travel with skis along the “road of dreams”, with stunning views to Mkinvartsveri. Generally mellow terrain, but the summit ridge may require short-roping. Very few people have skied this summit! Back to the tents.
  • Day 6: Attempt Mkinvartveri (5047m) summit. Ski descent via the south flank if conditions allow.
  • Day 7: Spare day of more skiing.
  • Day 8: Descent (or more skiing) 

This tour program aims to combine comfortable accommodation in a modern hut with adventurous tent stays at higher elevations that move us closer to the summits. Guest : guide ration of 2:1 ensure best-possible safety and use of all route options. We aim to get away from the standard routes, and ski at least two major Caucasus summits during this week.
Note that the program is subject to changes depending on weather.

Program costs: >>inquire 

Gear list will follow upon expressing interest. For booking or more information please >> contact me